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Village Church is a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation welcoming persons of all gender identities; and a dedicated peace site.


Village Church is located at the corner of Juneau and Edison in downtown Milwaukee, but we exist at the intersection where the love of God and the life of the city meet. Since our founding in 1967, our mission is to discover the presence of God in the urban landscape-loving, healing, inspiring and transforming its people and places. We are part of the Lutheran tradition, seeking God through both faith and intellect, and relying on God’s gracious acceptance of our humanity. Village Church encourages an atmosphere of honest spiritual inquiry, where asking questions is as important as finding answers.


Though we identify with the needs and concerns of the city, Village Church members come from across the metropolitan area. We join efforts with other churches and organizations who are committed to embodying God’s love throughout the downtown neighborhood. In worship and other gatherings, the Village Church community is open and welcoming. We strive to break down barriers that separate class, gender and lifestyle. We serve our neighborhood through programs such as the Interchange Pantry and a Christmas Eve Dinner open to the community. Those who have experienced Village Church community say it is like nothing else.


Creation was not a one-time event; it continues all around us. At Village Church, we celebrate God’s gift of creativity in our arts emphasis. Liturgies are often original expressions and are enriched by drama, poetry, visual arts and a variety of musical styles and guest soloists. Village Church Arts offers an ongoing series of performances and programs, including Gallery Night. In addition, Windfall Theatre calls Village Church home. Through the arts, we engage in dialogue about the essential human condition. We listen to the artist grapple with questions of ultimate meaning. We catch a glimpse of the infinite imagination of God.



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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) | Dedicated Peace Site
Reconciling in Christ congregation welcoming persons of all gender identities


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